What My Daughter Asked and Why it Matters to Your Brand’s Social Media

In the still dark of this morning-ness, my youngest daughter found me, pried one of my still-sleeping eyes open, and asked, “Do you want to build a snowman?” In a sing-song manner, of course. Parents, and even non-parents at this point, may recognize both the line and the action from the stratospherically successful Disney movie, “Frozen.” Later (much later) in the morning when I was laughing about my morning wake-up call, I also reflected on the way in which that “Frozen” song lyric was embedded in my five-year old’s mind. And how she was sharing it, gleefully and robustly, with everyone she knows and even people she really doesn’t know. Which is why it matters to your brand.

Build a Snowman

Your brand would like its fans to share your brand, message, and content gleefully and robustly, right? Then look at how Frozen’s content is crafted to represent its fans’ point of view. “Do you want to build a snowman?” (when we should be doing something boring like sleeping?) Yes, is the resounding answer from kids, and thanks for finally asking! So, use your social media channels to connect with your fans by crafting content from their point-of-view, figuring out what they want to be asked and then asking, figuring out what they want to know and then sharing the knowledge! Then they, too, will share it.

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