Know Where You’re Going

Strategic planning is vital to your success. Yes, it takes time and cooperation from stakeholders. Yes, it is worth it.

Start by evaluating where you are now, including understanding your mission, your problem, and your resources. Next identify your goals, which are the big-picture plans that capture your targeted overall outcomes. Follow with establishing your objectives, which are the specific key results you plan to achieve and identify who, what, how much, and by when. Consider whether you are looking to impact knowledge, opinion, and/or behavior, and make sure this is clear in your objectives. Now you get to those terms that roll off tongues when talking about planning: strategies and tactics.

Strategies and tactics go together like peanut butter and jelly, and like the aforementioned staple lunch ingredients, differ from one another. Strategy is the broad approach you’ll take to meet your objective, for example: increase brand visibility through celebrity endorsements. Tactics are the specific steps you’ll take to implement the strategy, for example: contract with Instagram influencer for product give-away contest.

Strategic planning includes considering and documenting how you will implement and evaluate your program. When you have all of this information spelled out, you have your strategic plan in place, ready for review and approval by stakeholders. Better yet – you know where you are going, which will make it much more likely that you will get there.

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