About Amy

I’m an experienced and proactive project manager, public relations, marketing, and communications professional with a track record of researching, planning, executing, and evaluating PR and marketing plans to achieve my clients’ business goals.

I provide services in B2C and B2B communications, strategic public relations and marketing planning, project management, media planning and media relations, media list building, tracking media exposure, securing earned media, content creation and content management, event planning and promotion, social media, and advertising coordination.

I love working in communications. I even enjoyed studying communications and earned my M.S. in Scientific and Technical Communications from the University of Minnesota. I earned my mini-MBA in social media marketing from Rutgers University Center for Management Development, my certificate in Strategic Marketing through the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School, and my certificate in Internet Marketing from the University of St. Thomas. I serve on the leadership team with the Minnesota Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

I am smack on the dividing line between extroverted and introverted – a beneficial balance where I love to get out there and make new connections but also value listening and, even better, hearing what’s not being said. It’s the best of both worlds and has contributed to my excellent “connecting” skills – my talent for connecting both ideas and people.

I have a passion for getting to the point, uncovering significance, and moving forward strategically. I believe that every brand has a story – an identity – and that each business is a brand. I help businesses glean their significance and help them share it with their fans, customers, and potential customers. I help businesses market their products and services, and I lead brands through the world of publicity.

I would love to talk with you about your business and how Think Significant could help you with your PR, marketing, and branding. Contact me at amy@thinksignificant.com or fill out the online Contact Amy form, and we’ll start the conversation.

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